Use what you have to get what you WANT

What I mean by the word “Use what you have to get what you Want” is that you should use your knowledge, experience to achieve success in your business. You may be wondering how you can use what you have, is very simple. Just apply your knowledge and what you have experience.

Let assume you have Knowledge in Bead making and in your environment, No one is in that type of Business, So startup the Business and make it different from others. If others are using one colour, you may decide to go for multi-color so you will not be using the same methods as other bead making does.


It is normal to seek for other people experience and knowledge on the particular business you wish to start, by doing this, you will know what the business need, reason why others and failing in the business, what they are gaining and what they are loosing so once you have know the weakness of people on that particular business, you will need to apply your knowledge to achieve your goal


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