Never Stop Advertising Your Business

Don’t try to pause your business advertisement even when you have million of customers. Business Advertisement is the number one thing to considered when starting a business or when running a business. If you can’t advertise your business, people will not know what you are selling or the product you want to offer or the one you want to buy.

If you have already start a business and you are using different method to advertise but you don’t see any good response or they are not buying the product you advertise, just try to exercise patient and continue the advertisement (Not all the people that see or hear the advertisement will register immediately so your patient is the KEY)

Many big companies do advertise their business with different method, You will see those companies using radio, Tv-Show, Banners, and other means of advertisement to boost their business despite the million of customer that always patronize them.

The Below Companies haven’t stop the advertisement of their Business/Product
*Facebok (Facebook also haven’t stop advertising)
*HP Company
*Network Providers (Like MTN,GLO,AIRTEL and others)
*Techno Mobile, ITEL Mobile and others
*SAMSUNG Company

There are many opportunities and advantages in Business advertisement. If you start a business and you fail to advertise, just have it in mind that your business failure is 90% loading. Once you fail, you will loss courage and also it will be difficult for you to rise again if you did not see a good Business Counselor. Is better for you to continue. DON’T STOP!

There are different method of advertising your Business/Product
– Radio Advert (You can visit any Radio Station that have the highest listeners and advertise your Business)

– Advertisement on Blog and Website (You can check to check the list of website that have highest traffic or you find a blog that have good traffic. You can also create a blog for your business and explain how your business work in the blog)

– Ebook Advertisement (You can design this Ebook in PDF format so it will be in Read only file. What you just need is to write what your business is all about, what you are selling or the product you want to buy and also you include your contact and address in the Ebook. After you are DONE with the Ebook, you can upload it online or send it to Whatsapp Group.

– Banner Advertisement (You can design a banner or you contact those people who are into the banner Design Business. You will then add your business name, contacts and what your business is all about to the banner. You can place the banner at the Bus-Stop, School environment, Market, Restaurant,Church/Mosque, Filling Station or any place where you normally see People. Note that the type of your business will determine where to place the banner. assuming you are selling Bibles, that means you can place the banner around the church environment.

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-Sticker Advertisement (Sticker Advertisement is different from banner advertisement. This sticker advertisement can also help you in promoting your business. What you have to do is to print your Business details inside the sticker. Some stickers have glue substances, so it will be easy for you to place it anywhere. You can also give your customers so they can place it anywhere they want.

-Affiliate Advertisement Method (This Affiliate Advertisement promote business like flash, it will help the business owner because much time is not needed here but money can be involved. It will be easy for people to know what your business is all about because those that patronize you will be the one to advertise on your behave. With this method of advertisement Once you have get good customers/clients, you have no problem again because they will be the one to be inviting other people. You can decided to introduce affiliate bonus to your customers by telling them that if they invite new customer, they will get discount on their next purchase or you tell them that they will get 5% of the new customer purchase). So by using this advertisement method, you have nothing to loss if you apply wisdom. When giving out affiliate bonus make sure you calculate you gain first before telling them the % they will receive. APPLY WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE


6 thoughts on “Never Stop Advertising Your Business

  1. Festus Adebowale says:

    Nice post. This post will really help in creating business. I love it. Thanks

  2. Tolulope says:

    Advertising is good and very effficient of get your good and service to various consumers but how can genuine adverts be known? Good write up…

    1. successbize
      successbize says:

      Yes Advertising is Good and also to get the genuine advert for your business, you will have to try some of the advertising method and you will monitor the method that brings many customers .


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