How to Register on BankAlert Income Program (  


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Steps by steps on how to register BankAlert Income program. (The registration fee is 1k but you are going to earn above that daily)

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To join BankAlert Income (BKI), you need to Pay a token amount of N1,000 Naira only (one time payment).

NOTE: there is only 2 payment options available for now which include using Coupon code / e-pin or Payment Online with your ATM Card or Bank Account.



Payment With Your ATM Card

If you have ATM card and you know how to use it online, You will go to the website /

Then you will read how it works, when you are done with it, you are going to scroll down and click on "Proceed to Registration" 

Wait till the page load the the next webpage where you will enter your details: You are going to fill the below this on the registration page. 


Your Surname 

Your First name 

Your phone number 

Your email address 

The Username you wish to be using 

Your password 

After that you will click on Register 


on the next screen, you will see two options 

Payment online and payment with coupon code. Choose payment online because you want to pay online with your ATM Card. 


After clicking, click on pay now and wait till it load, then you will see payment Gateway on the next screen (Paga). Click on pay with ATM Card. After that enter your card details. 


The 16 number in front of your ATM Card 

The CVC is the three numbers at the back of the ATM card 

Then your card expiry date,  is in front of your ATM Card (e.g. 09/22)

after that click on continue, On the next screen you will see a notification that say, ENTER OTP. You will receive message on your phone containing up to 6-9 digit, copy the code and place it where it said you should enter the OTP. 


After that click on Pay. That's all. Your registration is now successful and activated.